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Website Security, Maintenance, and Support

Security, Maintenance & Support

Hackers are out there.  We make sure your site stays secure.  We also keep sites healthy by ensuring that every piece of your site is up-to-date and running as it should.

Are you paying attention to your site’s back end?

Chances are you’re not.  All sites need frequent and proper maintenance to run smoothly and to stay secure. 

Not sure when your site was last updated or backed up?  It’s time to start giving your site the love it needs.

Website Security

All sites – yes, yours too – need to have security in place to keep the bad guys out.  You may not think that your site is an attractive target for hackers but the hackers do.  They’ll do their best to get into your site and deface it, add spam links, inject & distribute malware and steal private user data. 

Don’t think they’re not interested in your site, they are.  We receive security notifications constantly from clients big and small.  The threat is real and it is growing. 

We can make sure your website is protected and help you recover from an attack.  If you take your business seriously, take this seriously.  We can help.

Website Maintenance & Support

All modern websites need to be updated and backed up frequently.  Not only do outdated site components mean a possibly unstable or crashed website but outdated themes and plugins are one of the places where hackers look for vulnerabilities.

Proactive site maintenance is far less expensive than recovering a crashed or hacked website.  Plus if you haven’t backed up your site there may not be any way to recover from a crash or hack.  

If you don’t know when your site was last updated or backed up get in touch with us.  We’ll come up with a plan to get your site up to date and keep it that way.

Website Recovery & Restoration

What if the worst case scenario occurs – your site is down and you don’t know why?  Or you check your site and see that a hacker has hijacked your site and made changes?  What now?

In many cases, we can recover sites and get them back up and running.  We’ll do our best to recover the last working version of your site and get things back to where they were.  We can’t always recover and restore your site but we’ll do our best.  Site recovery is way better than having to start from scratch.  If your site is down and you don’t know why let us know.