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Strategic Exit Advisors

Project Details

UPDATE – Strategic Exit Advisors went through a rebrand and, with that rebrand, SherpaWeb updated their site.  While much of their existing content was used we made some significant changes to their site to better tell their story and to simplify the visitors’ user experience.  We’re proud that SEA continues to trust us through three iterations of their site.  Our work with them is ongoing.

Before developing SEA’s current site we provide content update services on their previous site.  The platform used wasn’t flexible and limited how SEA could get their message across.  We worked with SEA to develop a new site from the ground up.

Their new site better portrays their brand and services as an investment bank for entrepreneurs.  Where appropriate, we incorporated previous site content while approaching the project as a complete redesign.

Beyond the site design and development, SherpaWeb maintains & supports the SEA site, updates content, and ensures that the site stays secure.