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Hewn Spirits Online Shop

Project Details

The COVID-19 shut down posed a very challenging problem for Hewn Spirits.  Their two tasting rooms were shut down as was their distribution through Pennsylvania wine & spirits shops.  They were, however, allowed to sell their products for takeout and they were allowed to ship direct-to-consumer.  They also ramped up production of hand sanitizer quickly in an effort to help meet the growing need for sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic.

SherpaWeb was tasked with creating an online store for Hewn and needed to do it quickly.  We worked with Hewn to get the necessary site assets together in a couple of days and created a working version of their e-commerce site in under a week.  We continued to work on the site after launch to fine-tune their order and shipping processes.

While we can’t share Hewn’s revenue numbers from the site the ROI was many, many times their investment.