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Art Licensing Info – Educational and eCommerce Website

Art Licensing Info is an information and eCommerce website that caters to artists looking to license their artwork to product manufacturers.  The site provides information through their blog, resources and paid educational products.

Art Licensing Info came to SherpaWeb with a conglomeration of websites that needed to be integrated into one single site.  ALI had been purchased and wanted the numerous websites for products, interviews and blogs to be under one unified and branded site.
The new site had to present ALI’s information in a coherent form, highlight their resources and sell their courses and products via integration with Infusionsoft.
  • Formulate a plan to take over a dozen websites and have all of the sites’ products and information under one site.
  • Come up with a pleasing site design.  Since ALI’s target audience is artists design was critical.
  • Interface with the creative owners of ALI.  Most design elements required ongoing tweaks to meet the requirements and expectations of ALI.
  • Integrate the site with ALI’s Infusionsoft platform for sales, email address collection, free sample and product downloads, interview replays, etc.
  • Import of the previous ALI WordPress blog posts.  A few years of blog posts with images existed on various sites purchased by the new owners of ALI.  The legacy posts needed to be imported, re-categorized, have images imported, and be presented in a coherent way.
  • Allow the owners of ALI to make simple updates.
  • Allow the owners of ALI to switch course pages between an Interest List sign up page and a Live Registration page.
  • Integrate social media profiles.
  • Integrate YouTube video.
  • Create a site the sells the ALI products.
THE RESULTS – Over a course of months all of the legacy sites and their content were brought together into a beautiful single.  The site receives traffic and continues to sell the ALI courses, eBooks, and other products.
  • A beautiful site that met the goals of ALI.
  • Years of blogs are live and accessible.
  • Fully functional integration with ALI’s Infusionsoft sales and marketing platform.
  • A site that allows ALI to easily switch between registration and interest list pages.
  • A site that is easy for ALI to update, add new information, etc. without added costs.
SherpaWeb provides ongoing maintenance & support, site backup and site security.  Additional services and site updates are provided as needed.

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