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About SherpaWeb

Technical Expertise & Marketing Know How

SherpaWeb started with a focus on helping local businesses spread their message online. As our client base has grown so has the geography we serve.  We’re a Doylestown PA based web design firm working with clients in Bucks County, the Philadelphia region and around the world.

SherpaWeb has developed websites for businesses around the US.  One site – for the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic – was viewed by visitors from over 100 countries.  Whether your business serves a local or international market SherpaWeb can create a site that meets your needs.

SherpaWeb is constantly evolving and staying up to date on web design trends, website conversion tactics and search engine optimization best practices.  Through constant learning and skill building SherpaWeb ensures that clients get websites and services that are always on the cutting edge.

Eric Lepping

Eric is the President of SherpaWeb – an agency dedicated to helping businesses make the most of their online marketing efforts through effective websites, search engine optimization services and digital media. Eric understands the technical challenges that often hinder clients from getting their website up and running. His clients love him because he does the hard work “under the hood” and they reap the benefits of business growth from their new or revamped websites, both in appearance and functionality.

Eric loves educating his clients via hands-on training and video tutorials. His technical and marketing skills include WordPress site development, social media management, and the method behind the madness of SEO and all its intricacies. Eric spends a ton of time reading about the constant updates in the web and SEO universe because he understands the importance of keeping his skills up to date at all times. His efforts ensure that his clients don’t have to worry about every new change and can focus on what they do best.

When not working on client projects, Eric can be found  riding his bike, working on high level cycling events and training for triathlons.  Eric is a passionate foodie and admitted beer geek who enjoys travel and has completed a few half Ironman races. He competes in triathlons and running races throughout the year.  If you’re interested in triathlon, cycling, running or swimming check out Eric’s side project everyBODY Multisport.

Resources for Your Online Marketing

SherpaWeb is able to offer resources via a network of creative professionals.  We have the network needed for a successful web project and for your online marketing goals.

If your project requires a creative professional we can point you in the right direction.